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Facial fluid gold
Facial fluid gold
The Gold Fluid activates cell regeneration with dissolved pure gold and the spagyric essence of the sunstone.
Content 30 ml ($226.60 * / 100 ml)
$67.98 * $78.00 *
Face Intensive Serum Gold
Face Intensive Serum Gold
A concentrate of alchemical gold essence and spagyric moonstone essence and precious pomegranate oil. Genuine essential frankincense oil nourishes the skin intensively, especially suitable for the care of mature skin. Counteracts the...
Content 15 ml ($289.20 * / 100 ml)
$43.38 * $78.00 *
Gold skin and massage oil
Gold skin and massage oil
This spagyric oil is particularly suitable for activating skin cells and for the intensive care of normal and mature skin.
Content 100 ml
$73.80 * $78.00 *