True-light full spectrum tubes T5

True-light full spectrum tubes T5
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  • 1077-08
  • Popular full spectrum tube that brings radiant daylight into the house. True-to-life color reproduction and the best contrast vision prevent concentration problems. Ideal for home, the office, the company, clothing stores, architectural offices and much more.
The natural daylight is essential for life on earth. It influences the well-being of all living... more
Product information "True-light full spectrum tubes T5"

The natural daylight is essential for life on earth. It influences the well-being of all living beings as well as the course of nature.

The natural daylight of the sun consists of a broad and continuous spectrum of radiation. In the visible range from 380 nm to 780 nm, it includes the color scale of violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. But the radiation in the non-visible edge areas of ultraviolet (280-380 nm) and infrared (& gt780 nm) is also a characteristic component. Active artificial lighting for people (also applies to animals and plants) must therefore be as similar to daylight as possible.

Good light is not just about creating brightness. The highest quality of radiation over the entire spectrum of natural daylight results in the best solution.

The True-Light lamps were developed in the USA to simulate daylight in closed rooms. The first areas of application were in space travel and in submarines. Today they can already be found in many shops, companies, offices and households in Germany and shine again and again with their true-to-life color rendering, the continuous spectrum (incl.UV-A / UV-B) and their positive effects on the soul and body .


  • Almost identical spectrum of natural sunlight.
  • True-to-life color rendering thanks to the color temperature in the optimal daylight range (5500 Kelvin).
  • Biologically stimulating effect.
  • Best contrast vision.
  • Fatigue-free viewing & gt Lower error rates and increased productivity of the employees.
  • Less downtime due to illness.
  • Average service life with electronic ballast: 24,000 hours.


  1. T5 14W, 549 mm
  2. T5 21W, 849 mm
  3. T5 28W, 1149 mm
  4. T5 35W, 1449 mm
  5. T5 54W, 1149 mm

Diameter:  T5 tubes: 16mm

The T8 variants can be found  here .



The minimum order quantity for tubes is ALWAYS at least 2 pieces! This is due to the complicated packaging and if only 1 tube is shipped, breakage is too often recorded. We therefore ask you to understand this measure. From 2 pieces the package is much more stable and there is practically no breakage!

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