Intensive Clean Cleansing Milk

Intensive Clean Cleansing Milk
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  • 1782-01
  • Excellent for the gentle intensive cleaning of ceramic hobs as well as non-ferrous metals, pots, pans and sinks.
GENERAL INFORMATION More and more people are choosing mild and gentle detergents and... more
Product information "Intensive Clean Cleansing Milk"


More and more people are choosing mild and gentle detergents and cleaners. The rise of allergic diseases and increasing environmental pollution have led to consumer uncertainty. The Thought 'Man and his environment represent a harmonious wholeness' is becoming more and more aware of many.

Therefore, the task is to implement new insights into current product innovations by continuous product research. AlmaWin products meet the growing environmental and dermatological requirements and provide superior washing and cleaning performance.
This starts with a very conscious selection of raw materials:

  • All raw materials fulfill our high dermatological and ecological demands.
  • All used washing-active substances are of vegetable origin.
  • Wherever possible, we use raw materials in organic quality.
  • We dispense with genetically engineered enzymes.

By uncompromising selection of raw materials, we have succeeded in producing products that are mild and gentle even in allergies and can be used by skin-sensitive consumers.
All ingredients are fully declared. In addition, we had all AlmaWin products dermatologically tested successfully by an independent institute of a German university and could safely say: Dermatologically recommendable.


  • sugar surfactants,
  • Fatty alcohol sulfate,
  • Lime flour from the Swabian Alb,
  • swelling clay,
  • xanthan gum,
  • Alcohol,
  • natural ethrische & Oumlle (Lemongras, Lavandin *),
  • water

This list of ingredients corresponds to a full declaration in the sense of the guidelines of the Federal Association of Natural Food & Natural Products.
This product contains no artificial flavoring.


  • Shake before use.
  • Apply undiluted and sparingly to a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Triturate and rinse well with water, then polish well dry.

Intensive Clean cleans and cares for ceramic hobs with a clean, clean finish. Intensive Clean & Oumlko Concentrate effectively removes heavy soiling and scale in the chewing area.


The Intensive Clean & Oumlko concentrate removes even stubborn dirt on your ceramic hob and ensures radiant shine and protects the surfaces. The Intensive Clean & OumlkoKonzentrat is also very well suited to the cleaning of worktops, Spüumllen, T uumlpfen, pans and for the cleaning and care of non-ferrous metals such as brass and copper.

The Intensive Clean & Oumlko concentrate has been successfully dermatologically tested by an independent institute for contact allergy / skin irritations.

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