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  • 2002-01
  • Washes ecologically, effectively removes sweat odor and protects membrane functions such as wind and breathability in a natural way. Perfect for breathable sports and functional clothing such as microfiber fabrics, membrane and blended fabrics, swimwear, etc.
Sweat and Smellkiller INNOVATIVE RETROFIT FOR YOUR OUTDOOR CLOTHING Whether in... more
Product information "Detergent Sport + Outdoor"

Sweat and Smellkiller


Whether in leisure time, in sports and trekking, on trips or in everyday life - innovative functional clothing is simply unbeatable when it comes to wearing comfort. High breathability, lightweight, wrinkle-free materials, short drying times and easy care are plus points that not only impress athletes.

Functional clothing requires special care. Almawin's sports and outdoor functional detergent combines the best in environmental compatibility and health consumer protection with outstanding washing and cleansing power.

Due to a very deliberate selection of raw materials, the detergent meets the growing demands of dermatological and ecological applications. All used washing-active substances are of vegetable origin. There are no ethoxylated raw materials and enzymes from genetically engineered microorganisms used. AlmaWin Sport + Outdoor has been successfully dermatologically tested by an independent institute for contact allergy / skin irritation.

& Oumlko certified by Certisys Belgium spr l

Ingredients :

  • Sugar surfactants (from potatoes, maize, sugar meringue / sugar cane, vegetable & oumll) with excellent soil and fatliquoring properties
  • Fatty alcohol sulfates (from vegetable & oumll)
  • ethanol
  • Bernsteins & aumlure - the sodium salts of this acid are adjusted to all degrees of water hardness, at the same time they prevent the dirt from settling back on the fibers
  • Poyasparagins & aumlure - enhances the dispersing and water-repellent effect, biodegradable
  • Citric & aumlure
  • Zinc Ricinoleate
  • essential lavender & oumll *
  • water

* from certified organic farming

Application areas :

AlmaWin Sport + Outdoor is especially suitable for the machine wash of breathable sports and functional clothing up to 40 ° C such as membrane and blended fabrics, swimwear, Goretex, Sympathex, Softshell and others

Instructions for use : 1 dosing cap = 30 ml. Hand washing: 1/2 dosing cap to 5 liters of water.
Machine wash: Dose according to water hardness and degree of soiling.
Application in fine wash cycle.
Do not use with other detergents or washing additives.

Please note the care instructions of the textile manufacturer.

Important for allergy sufferers: Always rinse thoroughly, possibly perform a second rinse.

Container size: 750 ml bottle is sufficient for 16 washes or 50 hand washes .

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