Qibalancing DVD

Qibalancing DVD
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  • Exercise series to solve energy blockages, to burn fat and to intensify the life force. A crossover of yoga, tai-chi, qi-gong, stepper and trampoline = moving yoga.
QIBALANCING - TOTAL VITAL The joint-friendly energy training on the Trimilin with Inez... more
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The joint-friendly energy training on the Trimilin with Inez Heymans.

Circumferences for the dissolution of energy blockades, the burning of fat and for the intensification of the life force.

A crossover of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, stepper and trampoline = moving yoga.

DVD 65 min.


Yoga exercises are nowadays mostly pursuing a holistic approach, which aims to harmonize body, mind and soul. Especially in Western countries, yoga is often taught in lessons. It combines asanas, phases of deep relaxation, breathing and meditation exercises. The release of the asanas should improve the interaction of body, mind, soul and breath. The aim is an improved vitality and at the same time an attitude of inner calmness.


In addition to the aspect of martial arts and self-defense, Taijiquan is often regarded as a general system of kinematics or gymnastics, which on the one hand is very conducive to health, on the other hand can serve the development of personality and meditation. Particularly in the West, the martial arts aspect often ceases to be behind these aspects.


Qigong (or energy training) means gaining more control over the inner flow of life energy and strengthening your will through serious training. It is thus a supreme collective term for all Qi & Uumlbungen. In the East Qigong is used for holistic healing. Qigong is a real art of living! The majority of Qigong's various schools are based on Taoism, Buddhism, the philosophy of Yin and Yang, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Their goal is the strengthening of the immune defense and the life force, the Qi energy.

(about Yoga, Qi-Gong and Tai Chi from Wikipedia)

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