Panaceo Basic Detox Powder

Panaceo Basic Detox Powder
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Panaceo Basic Detox is a medical product from the natural volcanic mineral zeolite... more
Product information "Panaceo Basic Detox Powder"

Panaceo Basic Detox is a medical product from the natural volcanic mineral zeolite clinoptiloth.

What is zeolite?

The turquoise-green volcanic mineral zeolite clinoptilolite was created by combining liquid magma with the primal sea. It is the starting point for the natural medical product Panaceo Basic-Detox. Its exceptional properties have been researched by Panaceo scientists in collaboration with international universities for over 10 years.

The natural mineral is optimized by the PMA technology (Panaceo micro-activation) for the human application. Constant checks guarantee the safety and quality of the natural medical device Panaceo Basic Detox.

Power for every day!

More personal performance for work and everyday life is inevitable in this day and age. Harmful environmental influences (pesticides, radio networks, UV radiation, high-fat diet, tobacco and alcohol stimulants), inadequate physical training, pressure and stress or the use of some drugs burden our organism more and more. As a result, energy-polluting pollutants such as toxic heavy metals (eg lead arsenic, cadmium, chromium and nickel) as well as metabolic toxins such as ammonium enter our body. This burden can subsequently lead to deficiency symptoms of vital and mineral substances (eg calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium) and make their absorption more difficult.

At the present time, we have little opportunity to effectively escape the burdens. Any contribution to reducing stress and promoting a healthy lifestyle is important. When the natural detoxification capacities of the liver, kidneys and intestines reach their limits, the natural volcanic mineral can be a positive contribution to bring the body back into balance . Trust the support of Panaceo Natur products.

100 g powder contain:

  • PMA zeolite: 90 g
  • activated dolomite: 10 g (of which calcium is 2.24 g, magnesium is 1.28 g)

Application: Take 2 - 3 times daily one level 10ml scoop (in the can containing) mixed with plenty of clean, natural water 30 minutes before or after your meals. We also recommend that you drink as much as possible while you are using it.

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Customer review for "Panaceo Basic Detox Powder"
19 Jan 2016


Gutes Produkt, kaufe es jederzeit wieder!

5 Nov 2015


Bin überzeugt von der Qualität dieses Detox-Pulvers. Merke schon nach zweiwöchiger Einnahme, wie gut das Produkt meinem Körper tut: geringere Müdigkeit, erhöhte Belastbarkeit.

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