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  • 1553-06
  • Wonderful beauty massages can be done with the massage handles made from the precious stones rock crystal, amethyst and rose quartz.
The "Beauty" stylus set contains one stylus each in Amethyst quartz Rock crystal Rose... more
Product information "Massage pen set Beauty"

The "Beauty" stylus set contains one stylus each in

  • Amethyst quartz
  • Rock crystal
  • Rose quartz

The massage handles have a size of approx. 2 x 10 cm. In modern stone medicine according to Michael Gienger, the types of stone in the gemstone pen in the beauty set represent the themes of harmony for body and soul, cleansing and opening to the beautiful.

The massage handle set is supplied in the Lapis Vitalis box including instructions.

The naturopath Ewald Kliegel developed the gemstone stylus over twenty years ago.

Reflex zones

Reflex zones are the "maps of health" on our skin. They give us information about the regulation of body and soul. In addition, we can use it to give effective impulses. We now know more than 30 reflex zone systems, for example on the hands, feet, ears, on the skull or on the back.

The pointed side of the massage handle is particularly suitable for working with the reflex zones. The thick side is used to rub out after the treatment.

The pens are of high quality and are in a gift box - also ideal for safe storage of the pens.


The power of gemstones has been used for millennia and since the beginning of human history, the reflex zones for health care have been activated by mostly intuitive methods. The connection between these two energetic principles resulted in the gemstone reflex, a method that opens up great possibilities for harmonizing body and soul.


Tension in the neck, stinging muscles, pressing stomach after a quick lunch or cold feet: it is not worth going to the doctor straight away because of every little tug or sting. A grip on the corresponding reflex zone helps in these moments.

"Reflex zones arise from a simple principle: They are 'maps' of health", explains Ewald Kliegel, author of the guide "Reflex zones easy: Fit with one grip".
Certain zones on the body surface represent the corresponding body parts in miniature: For example, the reflex zone of the entire spine runs along the thumb. A gentle massage of these areas has a relaxing and beneficial effect on the associated muscles and organs. For example, after a short pressure on the head, cold feet become warm again.

A few massage strokes on the hands relieve tension in the lower abdomen during menstruation and self-massages in the lower back improve blood circulation in the legs when traveling by air.

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