Water rod "energy" rock crystal

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  • Ordering energy is the basis for the creation and maintenance of biological and mineral life. The essence of "energy" helps us to recharge our batteries and strengthen our lives every day.
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Energy is the foundation of the formula that sustains the miracle of creation. It is the all-ordering energy that counteracts the decay of biological and mineral life. And in the present life, this order is attacked by noise, electrosmog, environmental toxins, bible words and thoughts. The essence of "energy" in this water rod causes you to recharge your batteries, sort out the order from the inside, gesturing every day and looking forward to life.

The water rod "energy" is produced in a glass blowing in Germany in elaborate handwork from borosilicate glass. It is decorated with a sun-yellow ball Length 28 cm, & Oslash 1.6 cm. This water rod with the essence "energy", clear rock crystal crystals and healing spring water from a German healing spring is just what you need. The water rod is supplied with a water rod holder made of untreated, finely ground oak solid wood.


Water is life - water can heal - water gives strength.

Drinking water from the line is of good chemical and physical quality in Germany. However, this water is of course poor in information for our bodies. Only living water does a really good job and can help us to lead a more balanced mental and physical life.

Water has a kind of memory and can store and transmit both positive and negative vibrations. This is not an esoteric conjecture, but physically measurable and verifiable - as evidenced by the research of the renowned Japanese natural medicine Masaru Emoto.

Clutter, pictures, the sun, the moon, gems, healing springs, etc. have been proven to affect our waters. The water rod uses many of these possibilities simultaneously and well coordinated to harmonize water and to transmit vibrations. Thus, normal tap water can be used to make living water, and even water with healing effects. Vibrations and information are transmitted through the water rod into our drinking water.


Vibrations and information pass through the water rod into our drinking water. Various flower essences, energetically charged healing stones, healing waters, sunlight, moonlight, planetary clays and other, very different vibration patterns - everything is put together in a very targeted manner depending on the spectrum of action of the individual water rod and transformed into a liquid form in a highly concentrated form. The crystals in the rod act as a reflector and amplifiers at the same time. The actual information for the drinking water is contained in the rod fluid.

There is not only one water rod. Different parts of the basic vibrations: "love", "gratitude", "energy", "universe", as well as "holy moon" and "lust & life" are precious.

With your drinking water you can thus create a soothing balance to tensions and stress in everyday life, gather new forces or just bring your thoughts and wishes on the right track. The water rod is metal-free through and through. This is the only way to ensure that vibrations of the required density and concentration are passed on to tap water. Metals always have electrical charges on the surface, which in turn generate electric fields. These fields deflect vibrations, they can even shield them completely.

Wherever possible, use glass casings.


The information and vibrations must reach the drinking water from the water rod. Two possibilities have come to fruition:

1. Pour your tap water into a glass bottle and then stir it with the water stick until it forms a vortex of water. Let the water rest with the wand for about a minute, then it is quickly and effectively animated. However, if you keep the stick in the bottle, the water will be immediately provided with the effective essence information at each filling.

2. Pour tap water into a glass water bottle and insert the water rod. The rod lays free in the bottle, air is displaced, and the ball at the end of the rod seals the bottle.


* Borosilicate glass
* Spring water (artesian German healing spring)
* Essences (own production)
* & Aumlthylalkohol (carrier substance of the essences)
* Rock crystal crystals, country of origin Brazil
* Oak solid wood, untreated (water rod holder)

The water paintings are produced by hand in a glassworks in Germany. Individual deviations are possible, each rod is unique. The water rod is delivered without a glass bottle.

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