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  • The unique relaxing effect of the amethyst stones is combined in the precious stone bed pillow with the pleasant softness and supporting power of organic millet husks and the skin-friendly property of pure silk.
Energy source Sleep and rest! In order to master our everyday life, which in the last century... more
Product information "Gemstone pillow "Good night""

Energy source Sleep and rest!
In order to master our everyday life, which in the last century has increased enormously in terms of speed and stress, we need healthy food and drink as well as a restful sleep and times of rest and regeneration.


Anyone who wants to improve their health and prevent premature aging processes has to give the body and the soul enough time to balance stress and tension. Sufficient sleep prevents many civilization diseases.

Sleep promotes the formation of antibodies and influences blood sugar regulation, forms hormones such as the antioxidant melatonin or the growth hormone HGH. Through sleep, the body can regenerate best and thus also serves as a fountain of youth. Whether a relaxation phase with meditative music, a short deep nap or the long restful night sleep, the sinking into the depths is for our well-being and our health of enormous importance.

For our physical and mental health, it pays off to invest in relaxation and undisturbed sleep.


The sleeping pillow is cuddly and dimensionally stable at the same time and therefore pleasant during a healthy and relaxed sleep, which is so important for a soothing regeneration.

You can use the pillow for your night sleep as well as for rest periods in between. With the fold in the middle, the bed pillow is also an ideal Nackenst &u ltlt. The high-quality raw materials guarantee the long-lasting pleasure and effectiveness of the Edelstein bedding pillow

The hat is made of pure silk. The pillows are filled with precious amethyst stones and fine, cuddly organic millet husks.


The amethyst stones in your bedtime pillow are small natural gemstones that are neither baked, nor irradiated or heated.
Amethyst is one of the most commonly used stones in gemstone therapy and is well suited for the transition from the active daily routine to the passivity of the night.


The organic millet husks in the bedspread are characterized by high quality and their latex sheathing. So that the unique properties of the organic millet husks are maintained in use and increased even further, they get a bath in natural rubber milk. The juice of the rubber tree is absorbed by the cereal husks. The dried solid rubber with its almost indestructible durability gives them stability and long life. Millet husks with rubber are very resistant to fine abrasion. The rubbers therefore keep their shape better with rubber. This increases the impact force. Their porosity and their high capacity to absorb moisture remain intact. The dust-free nature of cereal bowls with rubber and their resistance to fine abrasion mean that many sensitive users have a noticeable reduction in the risk of allergies.

SPELTEX & reg organic millet husks are obtained in accordance with Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91. They are tested for their organic origin by the LACON institute (state approved inspection body in accordance with EU Organic Regulation).


The pure Dupion silk used by us is of course azo-free and of the highest quality. Silk can absorb about 30 percent of its weight in moisture and thus provides a pleasant and balancing well-being climate. Since silk is very similar to the skin in its chemical structure, it is characterized by its special skin compatibility and is ideally suited for allergy sufferers. Naturopaths recommend silk especially for skin diseases.


Our stones have the GKS seal for gem quality tested, a seal of the Steinheilkunde-Verein. This ensures that only unirradiated and unaltered gemstones are used for your bedtime pillow.


The sleeping pillow is used as a small bedtime and resting pillow on the normal pillow or, folded in the fold, serves as a nape of the neck. For the stones to have a beneficial effect, we recommend an application time of at least 20 minutes. Of course, you can also use the pillow throughout the night.
The bedtime pillow has also been the inspiration for massage treatments, relaxation and meditation.


The skin is cleaned with a biological silk detergent.

The mechanical cleaning of the inner cushion is carried out by hand at 30 ° C. Ensure complete and complete drying (on heating or in the dryer with gentle cycle). Regularly clean your bedding energetically to give you some of the effect of the stones for a long time: Take the inner pillow out of the silk case and place it overnight in pure rock salt (eg Himalayan salt). The millet husks and the noble Steinf u llllung are cleaned so energetically. Keep your bed pillow in an energetic place that is free of electrosmog or other strong energetic fields.

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