Gemstone pillow Mother Earth

Gemstone pillow Mother Earth
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  • The mother-earth pillow with chrysoprase and emerald is well suited to exhausting and stressful days. With the noble shell of pure silk, it is pleasant on the skin. Also, as a heat cushion, it unfolds its pleasant effect.
To entrust oneself to the spirit of Mother Earth means to let go and let oneself be guided. So... more
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To entrust oneself to the spirit of Mother Earth means to let go and let oneself be guided. So the feminine, regenerative power gets support in us. Quality of life such as playing, relaxing, relaxing, genius, but also loving and loving, and simply being, are gestured. Take advantage of the manifold possibilities of the mother-earth-pillow after exhausting and stressful days.

Contains about 160 grams of amaranth and 20 grams of emerald and chrysoprase. Size of the pillow about 18 x 18 cm.


The inner cotton bag is filled with the gemstones emerald and chrysoprase as well as the grain amaranth. Emerald is a chromium-rich beryl and chrysoprase a nickel-containing chalcedony - both stones are known in holistic gemstone therapy as "liver stones". The naturalness of these stones is guaranteed by the quality seal of the Steinheilkunde-Verein "GKS - gemmologisch controlled stone quality". Due to the pleasant feel-good climate of the silk on the skin (silk can absorb up to 30% skin moisture!) And the skin-like chemical structure of the silk, a particularly good compatibility of the pillow is achieved.


Always make use of the manifold possibilities of the mother-earth pillow after exhausting and stressful days. Place your pillow on the right side of the body just below the lower ribs on the liver. Breathe some conscious breaths and focus especially on exhaling. Relax as if by yourself and give your body and soul the opportunity to rest and regenerate.


If you want, you can warm the pillow in the oven beforehand. But please make sure that no large heat is generated (not more than 50 ° C) to maintain the effect of the ingredients. A throw pillow should never be called without supervision. Always shake the pillow well, so that the heat is distributed. Slowly heat the pillow at low temperature. Never heat your pillow in the microwave !! Unlike an oven, the microwave will deliver the energy selectively. This can lead to local overheating in the pillow. In certain areas of the precipitation, the smoldering temperature of cotton can be achieved. If you take the pillow from the microwave, you will not notice it under circumstances. For example, if you put the pillow in bed, bedding or mattress could catch fire.


Take the mother-earth pillow into your night sleep - especially between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am, the liver-gall area is active and therefore very receptive to the fine vibrations of the stones.


The GKS Seal for Precious Gemstone Quality, a seal of the Stone Healing Association, ensures that only unirradiated and unaltered gemstones are used for the gemstone cushions. The stones and assortment are regularly checked!


The organic amaranth is from certified organic cultivation from Peru. Amaranth, also known as the gold of the Incas, is characterized by its anti-allergic ingredients. The chewing property and the heat storage capacity, as well as the pleasant weight of the grain make amaranth a particularly valuable filling for the pillows. You will love it!


The pure silk we use is of course azo-free and of the highest quality. Silk can absorb about 30% of its weight in moisture and thus has a pleasant and balancing well-being climate. Since silk is very similar to the skin in its chemical structure, it is characterized by its special skin compatibility and is ideally suited for allergy sufferers. Naturopaths recommend the silk especially for skin diseases.


Periodically cleanse your gemstone pillow to give you some of the effect of the stones and grain for a long time: Take the inner cotton sheet with the silk hulk and place it overnight in pure rock salt (eg Himalayan salt). The Amaranth and the noble Steinf u llllung are energetically cleaned and again powerful. Wash the whole silk hand with lukewarm, organic wool detergent until it is warm and, after drying, pull it over the stuffed cotton squares again. Store the gem cushion in an energetic safe place. So you will have a lot of fun for a long time!

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