Amethyst pendant

Amethyst pendant
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  • Each drumstone pendant is unique. Also a nice gift idea!
Tumbled stone with silver 925 sterling silver Each stone is unique and may differ slightly... more
Product information "Amethyst pendant"

Tumbled stone with silver 925 sterling silver

Each stone is unique and may differ slightly in size, shape, color and pattern from the picture.

Assignment Zodiac: Aries, Virgo, Sch Schultltze, fish


Amethyst is a widely used mineral. Large and clear specimens, which are suitable for cutting and for further processing as gemstones, are limited to comparatively few localities. There are deposits in Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, Russia and Sri Lanka.

Crystals are found mainly in cavities in hydrothermal veins and in volcanic rocks. Also commonly found in the trade are so-called amethyst glands in which the crystals have formed within a cavity surrounded by a layer of chalcedony.

The most beautiful Druze usually come from Brazil and can be man-high.


The origin of the name from the Greek αμεθυστoς (amethystos) - "counteracting intoxication" - expresses the old belief that a carrier of amethyst is safe against the intoxicating effect of wine.

Similarly, wine from a mug of amethyst should not make drunk. Originally, this (superstition) belief arose from the custom of thickening the (red) wine with water, which then assumed a purple-red (amethyst-colored) color. At the same time, of course, you could drink a lot more of it, without getting drunk or even having to suffer a hangover.

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