RhinoBeam forte - for chronic colds

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  • No more clogged, reddened nose. RhinoBeam helps gently and without drugs against snoring as a result of cold, hay fever, allergies. Also good against snoring.
EFFECT OF LIGHT AND MAGNETIC FIELD THERAPY Numerous health conditions such as rhinitis,... more
Product information "RhinoBeam forte - for chronic colds"


Numerous health conditions such as rhinitis, hay fever or snoring as a result of obstructed nasal breathing are signals of our body and indications of acute cellular deficiency.

RhinoBeam combines as a strong bio-photon radiator with an integrated permanent magnet above all two principles of action. On the one hand, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is formed. ATP is the fuel that mediates cellular energy in our cells. On the other hand, the integrated permanent magnet positively influences the immune system and thus promotes the regeneration of swollen cells. The main active component in RhinoBeam is light with a wavelength of 650 nm, which is approximately not relevant to the eyes according to the current state of knowledge. Light with these wavelengths improves the energy production in the mitochondria, the energetic power plants in our cells and thus the cell functions.

The permanent magnetic field promotes the immune system and thus ideally complements the light therapeutic component.


A major contributor to the scientific understanding of magnetic field therapy was the sophomore American Nobel Prize winner Linus C. Pauling, who proved that the ferruginous red blood pigment hemoglobin possesses magnetic properties. The ingenious combination of biophoton and magnetic field therapy in the new RhinoBeam represents a highly effective form of therapy which, to the best of our knowledge, does not require any harmful side effects.


  • Combination of biophoton and magnetic therapy.
  • RhinoBeam stimulates self-healing and immune healing, which contributes to a significant improvement in health.
  • Even after the first treatment, a success is spongeable.
  • No side effects, no medical treatment necessary.


  • Acute and chronic colds
  • hay fever
  • snoring


  • 2 red monochromatic high power LED (640 nm) aluminum
  • Indium gallium phosphate LED
  • Fiber optic for nasal input
  • Permanent magnet with 0.1 MicroTesla flux density at C = 0.0103
  • Controlled by microelectronics for 10 sec. Pulsed mode of the LED (15 Hz) then mode of uniform irradiation
  • Irradiation time 9 min
  • Power supply: 2 Mignon batteries a`1,5 Volt

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