Kids screen glasses KiDS # 3 brown / yellow

Kids screen glasses KiDS # 3 brown / yellow
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  • 2047-02
  • Modern flat screens work with a backlight of mercury light or LED. Both lighting techniques emit light with an extremely high blue content. The burden on the eye is great, because you are sitting close to the computer - and certainly even higher than on televisions, which also belong to the "blue light emitters".
CHILDREN ON SCREEN Working and playing on the screen are self-evident today and are... more
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Working and playing on the screen are self-evident today and are indispensable in everyday life.
Parents often find it difficult to encourage their children to use this medium in a meaningful and orderly manner. Apart from the fact that it is important what children do on the PC, one should also consider how the constant staring on the screen affects the child's eyes

The eyelashes of children are not as educated as in adults. The retina is less affected by UV light and short-wave blue light. This gives cause for concern that intense blue light radiation, as it shines from computer monitors, represents a potential hazard to children's eyes.

Quotation from the press statement of the French Environment and Occupational Safety and Health Commission ANSES, which warns of the high blue content of LED lights: " The high proportion of blue in the emitted light and the high luminance of LEDs pose a serious danger to the eye This causes "toxic stress" in the retina, which can produce retinal damage in a relatively short time, and children are particularly affected because their eye lenses are still developing and can not efficiently filter the sensible wavelengths. "

Flat screens usually use mercury illuminants as backlighting. The light is generated by gas discharge as with the fluorescent tubes. Whilst the spectrum of white daylight is composed in a harmonious color ratio, fluorescent lamps or TFT monitors have a discontinuous spectrum that has high unnatural short-wave blue levels (blue, indigo, violet) with sharp energy peaks and low energy in the circulation-promoting red area.


PRiSMA & reg screen goggles KiDS # 3 LiTE - a screen goggles especially for children.


  • for children from 3 to 10 years old
  • Blue light filter coating LiTE
  • r & uumlckseitenentspiegelt
  • Hard coated for high scratch resistance
  • highly resistant to breakage
  • Color frame: matt golden yellow
  • Microfibre bag and microfibre cleaning cloth
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection (UV400 filter)

The frame and glasses are highly resistant to breakage and coated with a hard seal and antireflection coating (anti-reflective coating). Stagnant reflections or light reflections caused by extraneous light are thereby reduced and the contrast is increased. Both colors have a UV-400 filter and are also suitable as sunglasses with medium or low glare protection.

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