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  • 1162-02
  • Lives in the past or is strongly attached to it. There is a tendency towards nostalgia and honeysuckle characters are often homesick. Losses are difficult to process.
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--- Special offer --- while stocks last --- best before 03/19 (10 ml) ---

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Lonicera caprifolium / honeysuckle


Belongs to the climbing plants and can grow up to 6 meters long. It is increasingly found in forests and on heathlands. The plant forms a cluster of long, red, tubular flowers. The petals are red on the outside and white on the inside. After pollination, the flowers turn yellow. The flowering period is from June to August.

PREPARATION : sun method

MOOD GROUP : indifference


  • Lives in the past, or is strongly arrested with her.
  • There is a tendency for nostalgia and Honeysuckle characters often suffer from homesickness.
  • Losses are difficult to process.
  • Present is felt to be hard, problematic or boring.
  • They often live in the idea that the times were better in the past and beautify them so unconsciously. "Good old times".
  • It is impossible for them to detach themselves from the past or the lost.
  • In the negative honeysuckle state, for example, one regrets missed opportunities or unfulfilled dreams.
  • Honeysuckle can help with grief, homesickness, sadness or when you can not get over the loss of a loved one.
  • A negative honeysuckle condition is common in the elderly.


People in the positive honeysuckle state are better able to cope with losses and enjoy living in the present. It can be progressed without regret and regret in life, changes are seen as natural and aging as part of life.


"For those who, in their minds, spend much time in the past, because it was happier, or who follow the memories of a lost friendship or old wishful dreams that have not been fulfilled. You can not believe that you will experience happiness in the present or the future. "" It can banish the regrets and worries of the past from consciousness. It counteracts the influences, wishes and demands of the past and brings you back to the present. "


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