Neti Nasal Wash Cans

Neti Nasal Wash Cans
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  • Jala Neti in Sanskrit means nasal rinsing with (salt) water. With the Neti jug it is very easy to rinse the nose with normal saline solution in a hygienically appropriate way.
The Neti Squirrel for daily nose cleansing. Jala Neti in Sanskrit means nasal rinse with... more
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The Neti Squirrel for daily nose cleansing.

Jala Neti in Sanskrit means nasal rinse with (salt) water. With the Neti Squirrel, it is easy to clean your nose with normal saline solution in a hygienically appropriate way. This nasal puffing offers many benefits.


Nasal puffing with the Neti dog is a highly effective and at the same time very cost effective method of preventing and alleviating upper respiratory tract symptoms. They can be used for hygiene as well as for the standard and concomitant treatment of

  • Erk & aumlltungen,
  • Pollen and house dust allergies,
  • acute and chronic nasal discharges

or as an accompanying treatment and to reduce the risk of infection by strong mucous in diseases such

  • Asthma,
  • Chronic bronchitis,
  • bronchiectasis,
  • cystic fibrosis (cystic fibrosis)
  • and ciliary dyskinesia

especially in children as well as in general tendency to infection and swollen immune system.

The longer the nasal puffing is applied, the less decongestant nasal drops or sprays are required.


In particular, people with much smaller and larger upper respiratory tract symptoms may expect improvement in nasal congestion. Everybody should clean their teeth - anyone can sprout nose every now and then.


The presence of nasal swabs has implications for the health of the population. At a time when bacterial resistance to antibiotics is increasing worldwide, the use of effective alternative prevention of such prevalent diseases as pests, pollen and house-dust allergies, nasal discharge and other respiratory ailments, and effective treatment of these diseases without antibiotics, is exceptionally high Importance.


Fill the kitchen with lukewarm water. Then dissolve one-quarter teaspoons of salt in the water. The salt should be pure and without additives such as release agents.

Once the salt has dissolved, you can lean forward over a sink and insert the dog into the right nostril with a crevasse. Keep your head slightly slanted (to the left). The mouth should remain open and after a short time the salt water flows out of the left nostril.

When about half of the water is exhausted, you can clean your nose with a tissue and then repeat the procedure on the left nostril.

At the end you should clean your nose again with a tissue.

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