Warmth stuffed horse / pony

Warmth stuffed horse / pony
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  • A cuddly warmth pleasure for the whole family! The filling of millet and fine aromas remains pleasantly warm for up to 1.5 hours.
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Product information "Warmth stuffed horse / pony"


Who would not like to cuddle up with this common horse, snuggle up and be cuddled by it?
Exactly that is his job and it fulfills it perfectly, also to your satisfaction!

A dream of your own pony!

With its faithful look, it gallops straight into the hearts of small and large horse fans and smells lovely of lavender. It is about 36 cm long and weighs about 770 g.

With non-removable lavender-millet grain filling.

For even heat distribution knead thoroughly before use and check the temperature at a sensitive part of the body (eg in the crook of the arm).

The warmth stuffed animal just needs to be awakened and then gives off a pleasant warmth up to 1.5 hours.

  • Wait 90 seconds in the microwave
  • 100% microwaveable
  • 100% natural millet and flavoring
  • ideal for cold winter days

Playmates and versatile cuddly artists!

Warmies® score with many advantages: With their fluffy look they invite everyone to cuddle. In the evening, they help with warmth and pleasant lavender or herbal scent inside not only children falling asleep. Already 90 seconds in the microwave with a maximum of 800 watts are enough to store and release their heat for up to 90 minutes. After that they will not be cold and rather annoying, but remain at body temperature still ideal for cuddling.

Plush toys for every occasion - whether at home or on the go!

Warmies® are ideal companions for every occasion. The high-quality plush material can be cleaned even after the greatest fun with a damp cloth. With Warmies® with practical removable filling, the stuffed animal can also be easily washed by hand at 30 ° C. The filling itself can not be washed.

Fluffy on the outside and natural herbs inside!

Each heat stuffed animal has a filling of pure millet, which thanks to a special treatment can be easily heated in the microwave. The scent of lavender or herbs, such as aloe vera, chamomile, spearmint and peppermint, also has a beneficial effect. Of course, pollutants of any kind in the Wärmestofftieren have no place. This is confirmed by official and independent testing laboratories.

A great gift for young and old!

So versatile, are Warmies® as a loving gift idea for relatives and friends of all ages. With the warmth and the pleasant scent, they give the little ones a sense of peace and security, but adults are also thrilled to cuddle and feel well-fed by the funny and versatile warm-up guests.

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