Warming pillow flower of life 27 cm

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  • Warming pillow "Flower of Life" - 7 chakra colors, with removable scented pouches, washable cover, diameter approx. 27 cm
Heating in the microwave or in the electric oven (convection) Please remove the Habibi... more
Product information "Warming pillow flower of life 27 cm"

Heating in the microwave or in the electric oven (convection)

Please remove the Habibi Passport and keep the label. For all warming products with a removable warming pad, the fabric cover of the product must be removed before heating! So that your Habibi does not get stuck in the microwave and burn, please always use an ovenproof bowl to warm it up. Make sure your microwave is clean, free of food debris, and that it switches itself off automatically.

For heating in the electric oven , place the heat pad on a fire-proof plate. Any existing grill function must always be switched off. Please check the heat development in between during the heating process. To prevent the grain filling from drying out, please add a small cup of water while it is heating. The first time it is heated, the natural millet filling may cause a slight build-up of moisture on the surface, which will, however, set after repeated use.


Warning notices - Caution!

Heating only possible in the microwave or in the oven! The microwave / oven can only be operated by adults. Never overheat the heat product, overheated products can burn. Take care when removing from the microwave / oven! The surface of the fabric can burn if it comes into direct contact with metal parts! Direct skin contact can cause burns. For diabetics with neuropathy, grain pillows are only partially suitable! Therefore, before you use the heated product, make sure that the product is not too hot by kneading intensively. The temperature of the grain filling can increase automatically after removing it from the microwave / oven! Re-heating is only possible if the product has cooled down completely after at least 2.5 hours. Please check the product carefully for any damage before each heating. Loose grains pose a risk of swallowing and suffocation. The manufacturer accepts no liability for improper handling and overheating of Habibi products!


Durability, cleaning and fragrance refreshment

You can heat your Habibi products as often as you like. The solid quality and tear-resistant material ensure a long service life when used properly. Please always make sure that the grain filling never gets damp or wet (mold formation). The heating product must be completely dry after cleaning and before the next heating. The Habibi scent of the natural millet filling diminishes over time and can be refreshed with an essential scented oil if necessary. After use, please always store in a dry and cool place! Millet grains are not suitable for consumption!

Habibi products (Classic / Premium / Kids-Collections / Midis) comply with Directive 2009/48 / EC on the safety of toys and are carefully produced in accordance with European quality and safety standards. The products are always tested by German testing institutes and have passed all prescribed tests. 

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