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  • Light and colors affect the body and the soul; of colors emanate effects. Colors are perceived as beneficial and can produce different moods.
TO LIGHT AND COLOR Light and color are one unit. The natural sunlight gives us every day... more
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Light and color are one unit. The natural sunlight gives us every day the whole spectrum of the color spectrum - and with it power for life. Because our organism absorbs light and its color components like food. From this, energies are built up or stored in order to maintain mental and physical functions, to cleanse the organism, to strengthen the immune system and to compensate for a disturbed oscillation process. A balanced color balance therefore plays a significant role in our health.

But: on average, we spend 85 percent of our time indoors. Since we draw much of our life energy from the sunlight and the colors contained therein, this is a crucial reason for the lack of energy of many people. A lack of light and color leads to a disturbed balance and weakens our immune system.


There is a way to counteract this light isolation: Wearing glasses with colored glasses supports the color absorption via the eye. In this way, we can supply our organism with the required color energies in a targeted and metered manner in order to recharge our batteries and enhance our well-being.

Colors not only appeal to the eye, but also to all the other senses. They always look holistic. Therefore, color glasses can be used in a variety of areas - in sports, in color therapy and in everyday life. Of crucial importance is the nature of the glasses.

The glasses of these color glasses are set exactly to the most effective hue of the respective spectral color, so that only their purest part passes through the eye. This is a significant difference compared to traditional glasses with colored glasses.

The 100% UVA and UVB filters also make the color glasses the optimal sports and wellness glasses! Easily exchangeable lenses allow easy change of colors


Thousands of years ago people were treated with colors. Color therapy was known in China, ancient Egypt, the ancient Greeks, prehistoric Peru, Mexico and India.

  • Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) introduced the knowledge of colors in folk art.
  • Sir Isaac Newton (1643 - 1727) discovered the decomposition of light into spectral colors. He thus formed the basis of color research.
  • It was only a hundred years later that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) wrote his most important work, the treatise "zur Farblehre".

Today the scientists are in agreement: colors are visible light, we react with the eyes, with the brain and with the whole body to colors. 80% of people perceive colors through the eyes, as well as through the skin (clothing) and food.


Yellow: concentration and nerve power

Yellow, as a color of thought and feeling, activates the brain, strengthens the nerves, enhances perceptiveness, and has a positive effect on the intellect. Yellow improves the ability to concentrate and perceive and relieves the strain on the eyes - ideal for driving a car and wearing computer glasses! In addition, yellow helps to take things easy. It encourages and helps us to release internal tensions and to better cope with problems. This manifests itself in the calming effect on both emotions and digestion, especially on the stomach. Yellow promotes mental openness and an optimistic attitude. In addition, yellow not only stimulates the joy of experimentation, mental development and motor skills - but also the appetite! The yellow glasses are also very suitable for children. It helps to increase your concentration and memory when learning.

Orange: vitality and zest for life

Orange is known as a bodybuilder after physical or mental fatigue. It represents vital strength and activity. The warmth of this color inevitably raises the mood: orange is the color of joy, fun, socializing. It emphasizes security, coziness and emotional warmth. Pessimism, depression and lack of drive are astoundingly positively influenced. Orange fans and activates everyone who is frozen in everyday gray everyday life. Because of its comprehensive stimulating effect Orange is also used in color therapy to strengthen the immune system and to activate the body's own defenses. Orange promotes digestion, strengthens the stomach and is also used successfully for loss of appetite.

Blue: rest and relaxation

Blue has a calming and relaxing effect. This color is ideal for finding inner and outer peace to relieve stress and hectic. Blue triggers nervous cramps, the muscles relax and the heart can calm down again. Blue conveys the balancing energy that our organism needs to cope calmly and calmly with the increasingly hectic everyday life. Blue is used in color therapy for the treatment of migraine, throat problems, feverish diseases and back pain. As a meditative color, blue can be used to cool off the stress of the day, for regeneration and recovery.

Green: balance and harmony

Green is the color of the middle. In its perfect neutrality between all extremes, it has a calming effect without becoming tired. Green promotes qualities such as helpfulness, perseverance, tolerance and contentment. In medical color therapy, green is considered a color that balances the rhythm of the heart and kidneys. Also for gastric ulcers, allergies, eye fatigue and signs of premature aging green is used. It is a neutral healing color that does not cause any physical discomfort or reaction. It gives you strength and brings regeneration. Green gives peace of mind, because the view into the green is never exhausting, but strengthens the eye for all other impressions.

Red: drive and energy

Red is preferably used when our life forces are weakened. It increases our energy level, our emotional power: Because red stimulates all processes in the body, stimulates the metabolic activities and exerts a strong influence on the autonomic nervous system. The warm red also has an invigorating and positively reinforcing effect on an emotional level. It enhances the sensuality, the conscious experience and feeling and the expression of unrestrained passion. On the mental level, the energy of the color red gives us a strong will, determination and stamina. Due to the strong effect of this color should be selected only short applications of about 10 minutes to achieve the desired drive effect.

Violet: inspiration and spirituality

Violet is known as the color of meditation practice and stands for introspection and spiritual deepening. It opens the awareness of non-material experiences and promotes the vibration exchange between the two halves of the brain. Violet is also the color with which one initiates purification processes - both in physical blockages as well as in mental ambiguity, for balancing disharmony and for mediating between opposites. Violet are awarded analgesic properties. This color is successfully used for example in migraine and promotes healthy sleep. It is the healing color of the mind and strengthens brain activity. Violet expresses unconditional, selfless kindness and higher ideals such as tolerance, compassion and caring.

Turquoise: clarity and understanding

Turquoise is a cooling and refreshing color. It supports clear linguistic expression and honest, heartfelt communication. Creativity and spiritual realization are positively influenced by the color, feelings and mind can be more easily reconciled. On the physical level, this color can help purify the organism of toxic accumulations. The use of turquoise in a high-radiation environment is often recommended. Turquoise has a harmonizing effect on the thyroid, but it can also help neutralize the effects of electrosmog. The immune system is also positively affected by turquoise, as the color can provide protection against the ingress of harmful bacteria and viruses. Turquoise has a calming effect on fatigue after too long computer work or in case of toxin-related headaches. It is also used very successfully in the treatment of allergies (hay fever) and inflammation.

Indigo: clarity and intuition

The slightly violet-tinted blue of these energy goggles recalls the infinite vastness of space: a soothing color that can translate into a state of inner peace and deep relaxation, for example after strenuous brainwork. With excitement and overactivity indigo harmonizes an irregular breathing. Indigo clears emotions and thoughts and increases access to intuition. It is used to support meditation, promote positive thinking, and increase awareness. The color has a balancing effect especially on the sensory organs of the eyes, ears and nose, in case of fever, neuritis and fatigue.

Magenta: strengthening and balancing

The cool red has a harmonizing and regenerating effect. It helps to find one's own center, promotes serenity and conveys optimism. Balancing on the emotional level, the color counteracts emotional fluctuations, disharmony and depressive moods. Magenta helps in many cases to relieve mental stress. When exhausted or burn-out syndrome, there are new energies. It also enhances medial abilities and intensifies mental work on ourselves. Through the regulating effect on the cardiovascular system, the color promotes a restful sleep.


  • The color glasses are set to the most effective point of the spectrum of the respective color, so that only their purest proportions pass through the eye.
  • All color goggles offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and are also suitable as sunglasses or sports glasses. They can be worn anytime to increase your well-being.
  • Concave glasses support the color or light effect on the eye. The glass shapes provide a wide field of vision and provide excellent wind protection. No air turbulence on the eye.
  • The glasses are of the highest optical quality. A high-quality special coating (hard-coating) protects the glasses from scratches.
  • The spectacle frame is made of shatterproof material. The soft and adjustable rubber pads of the nose bridge provide optimal fit and comfort.
  • The colors orange (increasing the contrast and energizing), yellow (enhancing vision - even in poor visibility - and mood-lifting) and blue (relaxing, relaxing) are ideal for all sports!
  • While the main colors of the sun's spectrum, such as those used in color glasses, are life-enhancing, all the blends, such as brown, gray and black-tinted glasses, are consumptive to the organism.
  • UV400; 100% UVA and UVB filters
  • CE 89/686 / CEE, Pr-En-1836: 2005


The color glasses are not goggles. It is not guaranteed absolute breakage. For safety reasons, these lenses may not be worn on the road except for the color yellow.

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