Gold skin and massage oil

Gold skin and massage oil
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  • This spagyric oil is particularly suitable for activating skin cells and for the intensive care of normal and mature skin.
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With a gentle massage with these valuable oils all cells are supported in their function and receive new impetus in the form of light-like energy. This "light of plants and gems" continues to shine into the soul and continues to affect the area of our psyche through the loving care. The skin and massage oils are made with the spagyric macerate & oumlls and contain all the plant and gemstone essences that were also used in the face creams. There is also a real gemstone in each bottle. The effect of the gemstone essences contained in the & Oumllen can be deepened by placing the corresponding stone on the forehead.


Gold has always fascinated people. His splendor is considered a symbol of purity and grace. It is not only made into jewelry, but is also used as a part of magical elixirs and healing balms.

The traditional art of the Adepts of yesteryear, to liquefy gold and thus to open it to the human organism, finds in the "aurum potabile" its glamorous whirlwind. Only this "aurum potabile", the real "liquid gold", not to be compared with colloidal gold, is incorporated into this gold cream.

"Aurum Potabile" is, so to speak, the essence of gold and its light. An extensive alchemical treatment of the gold is required for this and only in this form, the gold can be absorbed by the cells and unfold its full regeneration, purification, detoxification and rejuvenation.

The gold products are intensified and complemented by the essence of Sunstone, a precious stone that was dedicated to the sun god Helios in antiquity. With its whining and activating effect, it can affect the entire organism. It brings momentum and energy, boosts self-confidence and lets shine the "sunny sides".

The Gold series prevents skin aging and is suitable for activating skin cells, as a day care for mature skin and for intensive care and activation of normal skin.


An optimal blend of precious base of almonds, jojoba, olives and pomegranate seeds combined with real alchemical gold, spagyric sunstone essence and the scent of sunflower lime for an activating massage!
Especially the facial muscles are often tense and cramped. This sustained tension also prevents sufficient supply of nutrients to the skin and musculature.
After a massage, the face is relaxed, soft and smooth. One feels refreshed and rejuvenated.
Similarly, a massage is a pleasure for the whole body after sunbathing, sauna and sports.

TIP: Gold Skin & oumll is also used to tighten the neck and décolleté lot.

Ingredients Almond & oumll *, Jojoba & oumll, * Olive & oumll *, Pomegranate kernel & oumll *, Vitatim E, Sunflower & oumll, Spagyric Gold Essence (Aurum Potabile), Spagyric Sunstone Essence, & Oumll Lime *, Sunstone
* organic - controlled biological

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Customer review for "Gold skin and massage oil"
19 Dec 2016

DAS Öl für meine Haut

Ein Öl, das mich schon wegen seiner wertvollen Stoffe und dem Herstellungsprozess fasziniert. Meine Haut fühlt sich nach dem Einölen sehr angenehm an. Ich bin überzeugt, dass dieses Öl meiner Haut gut tut.

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