About Us

The Wellness-Shop was founded in March 2002 by Margit Brusda and Tobias Rückert and opened during their first New Zealand visit. This page shall tell you more about the shop and the people behind it - perhaps to change the often boring world of internet shopping and make it more lively and personal. Cause behind the virtual pages of our shop real people and families like you and us are working, so you can learn a bit more about us - if you wish to.

The business idea Full-Spectrum Lighting Tube

All started with the distribution of so called Fullspectrum Lights. Convinced of the positive effects of its use plus the feedback of the users, we soon asked ourselves if there would be other good and helpful products which we could show and distribute in an open focus internet portal. We didn't want to just sell "some" products, but instead wished to actually touch, feel and use the products ourselves and also know the scientific background of them: Only if we are personally satisfied of a product and our local partners share our opinion, we include it in our shop and offer it publicly.

Medical "Explorer-Trips"

It is said that there is a lot which we can learn from history. It is also said that travelling nourishes the mind. So it happens that from our "medical explorer journeys" once in a while we bring you a local classic our newly developed item and deliver it right to your doorstep. Just because we grew up in a specific culture or under certain circumstances doesn´t mean, that our own society has the only correct knowledge and scientifically exact information. This becomes especially clear when we compare different medicine systems with each other, e.g. Ayurveda or the Tradional Chinese Medicine.

But not just that - we also try to include the natural remedies of native peoples in our scientic research and studies. We clearly want to stress, that we do not want to undervalue the acknowledgements of modern western medicine and also that we consider it as very important! For the Wellness-Shop however we want to create an open focus for health and well-being by offering information, products and methods which are as understandable as possible and have some scientific history - independent of the culture where it comes from.